My name is Mariel

and I am The Flawsome Lady.

“My work is an expression of who I am, what I love, and what inspires me…”

I’m a Project Manager by profession who loves exploring and writing to share my experiences. On weekdays, I work on managing multiple projects for the top telecommunication company in the Philippines to bring wonderful innovations for the Filipinos. Oftentimes, I’m asked about how I started blogging given the fact that IT is quite far from the creative side of being a writer / blogger / ~*influencer*~ so to share it with you, my blog started as a school project in our Psychology class back in college. Yep! Just a school project. And if you’re wondering how I made it to the blogosphere, well, it all started with this article. Since then, I’ve been blessed with collaborations with different local and international brands.

The Flawsome Lady is now my identity in the blogosphere. With my discovered passion in writing, I created my online space where I curate personal content about interesting finds, explorations, and experiences.

I don’t just blog about anything or everything! Most of my content is about ~*mid to luxury*~ experiences on beauty & wellness, travel, food, lifestyle, and design – I only share stories that she thinks worth sharing *wink*.

When it comes to reviews, endorsements, and working with brands, I always wanted to remain as a woman of integrity. An honest review is always on top of my priority every time I releases an article. That way, I keep your trust and the brand I’m working with.

Want to work with me? Be part of my journey on bringing the latest discoveries of my life by sending me an email at