The Author

Mariel is a BSIT graduate from Polytechnic University of the Philippines  who has a forbidden love for art (long story to tell) and a hidden admiration to nature. She started her career as a Freelance Graphic Designer (still she is!) to create pretty things for her local and international SME clients. Made a shift on her career on 2016, on weekdays, she worked as a Junior Business Analyst for an Australian training and consulting firm with clients mostly from defence and aerospace industry.  Today, she’s working as a Project Manager for an eLearning industry. As she gained these professional experiences, she earned number of opportunities to share her knowledge through speaking engagements mostly at different state universities.

On weekends, if not designing for a client or working on her corporate job, she’s probably doing any of the following:

  • Out there doing collaborations with people or businesses to be shared on her blog;
  • Staying at home either sleeping all day or playing with her dogs;
  • Working as Weddings & Events Planner and Stylist; or
  • Busy exploring and enjoying new discoveries somewhere with awesome people.

Either of those mentioned, one thing’s for sure,  she’s definitely enjoying her troublesome but splendid life through art, travel, fashion, foods, and daydreams.  Join her journey as she continue to discover things she never thought she can experience.

The Blog

The Flawsome Lady is now her identity in the blogosphere. With her passion in writing, she created her online space where she curates personal content about interesting finds, explorations, and experiences. Later on, this passion brought her opportunities to work with different brands and collaborate. She doesn’t just blog about anything or everything! Most of her content is about beauty & wellness, travel, food, lifestyle, and design – she only share stories that she thinks worth sharing *wink*.

When it comes to reviews, endorsements, and working with brands, she always wanted to remain as a woman of integrity. An honest review is always on top of her priority every time she releases an article.  That way, she keeps the trust of both her readers and the brand she’s working with.

Want to work with her? Be part of her journey on bringing the latest discoveries of her life by sending her an email here. I promise, she’d be happy to talk about it with you!