Ana Kalang Festival: The Unheard Festival of Laguna

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You may heard about Laguna Festivals such as Anilag (Province of Laguna), CoRambLan (Alaminos), Batingaw (Cabuyao), and Pinya (Calauan) Festival. These are few of the many well-known festivities that happens in the Province of Laguna. But have you ever heard of the Ana Kalang Festival? I bet you’re wondering what this festival is all about. So in this blog post, I’l

About Ana Kalang Festival

I guess right now, you’re wondering who is Ana Kalang and why this festival was named after her. Answering these questions is quite tricky because there are many stories about her. There are different versions from different generation. But the most popular story goes like this…

Ana Kalang was the richest

Weekend Highlights

It was a Saturday morning when I arrived at the Municipal Hall of Nagcarlan, Laguna. Perhaps a little too early for the call time? Or everyone else was just late? Nevertheless, much thanks to my cousin, Kuya Mak, for making my travel convenient (because he’s from Nagcarlan and working in Manila!).

The Ana Kalang Festival is a week-long celebration of thanksgiving for Ana Kalang. Despite the fact that it’s almost end of the week, the Nagcarlanins still had a lot of fun-filled activities prepared for everyone. And I’m amazed by their strong desire to make it a success — everyone’s cooperating!

Nagcarlan Tourism Video Contest

Nagcarlan Committe and the Judges for the Nagcarlan Tourism Video Contest

The Saturday celebration was kicked off by a video contest hosted by the Nagcarlan Tourism Office. An exclusive-for-Nagcarlanins contest, the goal is to showcase the beauty of Nagcarlan has to offer not only for every guest, but for everyone!

On-the-Spot Body Painting Competition

A photo with the models of the Body Painting Contest

The artist in me was excited for this segment. It happened live and the theme for the segment was given on the spot. The young artists has to really be inspired and creative on expressing their ideas with the theme given. And look at those artworks! Good job everyone!

Binibi at Ginoong Ana Kalang

[PHOTO] Bb. Ana Kalang Coronation Night
Binibining Ana Kalang Candidates all glammed up during their production number

Okay, so here’s my favorite part of the Saturday program. The search for the next Bb. Ana Kalang is just like any other pageants out there. But what made it different from them is, they proved us that women doesn’t need to show so much skin just to be called a beauty. The entire competition, women are all glammed up showing their beauty, interesting personality and most of all their substance to people of Nagcarlan. Hope all pageant type goes like this! Kudos to the whole team for coming up with this kind of pageant.

Juego De Anillo and Carrera De Caballos

Blogger friend, Karla of enjoying a ride.

The next morning, it was bright Sunday for everyone. A perfect weather to have Juego De Anillo and Carrera De Caballos. These two involves horses. The Juego De Anillo is a game notably Spanish in influence. The name literally translates to “game of rings” that involves riding a horse while holding a dagger and “catching” rings hanging from a tree or some other structure using the dagger. The Carrera De Caballos on the other hand obviously translates to horse race.

Nagcarlan Dog Fest

A cute Pomeranian puppy being observant at the venue

I have reservations when it comes to animal shows but I’d just like to appreciate the pet owners’ evident love for their dogs here. I didn’t saw any dogs in discomfort while waiting for the competition to start. How this contest was organised is not merely just exploiting the dogs but more on how the pet-and-owner relationship is so strong for a dog to execute a trick.

Other Festival Highlights

Arko Tekto Park

That’s me, standing in front of these architectural park made by Nagcarlanins

I was awed by this installation at the Municipal Hall grounds of Nagcarlan where they built different architectural structures out of recycled wood materials and dried harvested crops from Nagcarlan. The intricate details will tell you how much time and hard work was spent for this.

Kalang Kalang Making Contest

Giant statues that were created by communities in different barangays from Nagcarlan

Nagcarlan Products

The Arko Tekto structures has little surprises inside. Yes, you can actually enter through the doors and check out different exhibits there. Most of them are delicacies, food and beverages that are all proudly made in Nagcarlan. There’s even some for your skincare! I actually bought some cacao soaps that smells so good and makes my skin so soft.

With fellow bloggers, Municipal Mayor, Hon. Nelson Osuna and Tourism Office Head, Mr. Celerino Umali

This fun experience will not be possible without the initiative from the Office of the Municipal Mayor, Hon. Nelson Osuna and Tourism Office lead by Mr. Celerino Umali. I am both grateful and honored to worked with them together with the Promotion Team who invited us to discover and experience Ana Kalang Festival.

I am also grateful for all the assistance and guidance received throughout my stay from the people from the Municipal Council, Hon. Rexon Arevalo, Jason Bisa, Dainielle Vitangcol and the rest of their team. Of course, my experience will not be fun without the presence of my fellow blogger friends: Michael of Footlocker Wanderer, Jonathan of Aux1Traveler and the bubbly Karla of Travel With Karla. Those Instagram-worthy photos of me are made possible by you guys ♥

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The Nagcarlan Tourism Office teamed up with The Flawsome Lady to experience the Ana Kalang Festival and share its story. Regardless, all opinions expressed are 100% honest based from my experience, without bias.

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