Buca Di Beppo: Your New Home of Celebrations

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Filipinos are known to be very family-oriented. We cherish our family so much that we always come up with a reason to celebrate with them. And when we say celebrations, that means good food is always there! Whether it’s a reunion with your friends/family, a milestone to commemorate with your colleagues, or just a simple gathering with your loved ones, Buca di Beppo® is a perfect place to celebrate.

Businessman Marcelino Florete Jr. ft. smashed tomatoes exclusively manufactured for Buca Di Beppo

Just in time for the holidays, the popular Italian restaurant chain that has conquered tastebuds in over 100 locations worldwide has finally opened at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Curious what Buca di Beppo® means? Well, Buca literally means “hole,” or the Tuscan slang for basement or cellar. While Beppo is a nickname for Guiseppe, the Italian form of Joseph in Northern Italy.

What Makes Buca Di Beppo Stand Out

There are already quite a number of Italian restaurants in the market but here are 5 reasons why Buca di Beppo® is still ahead among its competitors.

  1. Authentic Italian Recipes

    Buca di Beppo’s best-selling spaghetti with half-pound meatballs in homemade marinara sauce

    True to its mission to capture the fun and enthusiasm of an authentic Italian gathering along with delectable food, Buca di Beppo® serves recipes handed down from generation to generation by Italian immigrants. Perfect example is their famous Spaghetti Marinara

  2. Family-style feasts
    Buca Di Beppo’s Authentic Italian Food Selection

    The holder of the Master Franchise of Buca di Beppo® in the Philippines, businessman Marcelino Florete Jr., thinks that there are very few Italian restaurants in the country that can call itself as a home for celebrations for the family. Being one, Buca di Beppo® servings are perfectly curated for groups. Depending on one’s appetite, the large serving can satisfy 10-12 people; the medium is good for 4-6 people; and the small portion is a fit for 2 people. Definitely a good reason to be not alone when dining here!

  3. Very Italian

    Florete clarifies: “We’re very Italian in the sense that unlike our competitors, you will not find steaks here. We don’t serve ribs or steaks because those are really more American. We stick to the basic Italian.. We’ve so many types of pastas, we’ve so many types of pizzas, and of course we have the wine. We have very good calamari and mussels, cooked the Italian way. We have all those appetizers, but we don’t have sandwiches.”

  4. Thematic Rooms/Tables

    The Kitchen where guests are allowed to explore

    While most of the Italian restaurants in the country has classic interiors with just signature Italian colors all over,  Buca di Beppo® has a vintage setting with unique thematic corners which gives every diner a nostalgic and whimsical dining experience.

    The Chef’s Table that can fit up to 8 people

    They have the Chef’s Table which is right beside the kitchen and can easily fit eight people. Its walls are decorated with photos of Italian chefs, as well as the different ingredients that are integral to Italian cuisine, like tomato, cheese, pasta, eggplant, garlic, and lemon. The chef interacts with diners, and guests are allowed to explore the kitchen.

    PHOTO from Wedding Wire | Pope’s Room

    The eight people that the Pope Room can accommodate can proudly say that they had their meal under the watchful eye of several eminent popes. In fact, there are frames that start from St. Peter to Pope Benedict. There is a bust of Pope Francis, and two niches feature Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI.

    Florete remarks, “Pope Paul VI because of his role in the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II because he is loved by Filipinos.”

    Over at the Poster Room, which can accommodate 30-40 people, diners are surrounded with photos of celebrities and other important personalities. For example, they have Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert De Niro, and basketball players like Shaquille O’neal – all customers and celebrities who go to Buca in the U.S.

    The Wine Room located at the Ground Floor
    The Wine Room that also serves as a gallery of diners who have enjoyed their wine there

    The Wine Room is located at the ground floor which can accommodate 20 people. This room has photos of diners who have enjoyed their wine there.

    Another 20 people can fit in the Gangster Room, which displays images and memorabilia of the notorious and infamous.
    Last but not the least is the Lover’s Corner especially curated for couple’s dining. It features photos of different lovers and elements that portrays love and romance.

  5. Very instagrammable
    With the current trend of exploring instagrammable places wherever, Buca di Beppo® will surely not disappoint you. If the walls and ceilings of Buca di Beppo® could talk, imagine what stories they would tell!For the interiors of the restaurant are filled to the rafters with photos, artworks, and memorabilia of Italian history and pop culture.
    Expertly curated by interior designer Bob Charles, these images mirror the décor of all Buca di Beppo® restaurants worldwide. It is said that over 2,500 photos are included in the Buca di Beppo® collection.These are distributed appropriately among the restaurant’s different rooms that can accommodate groups of four, 10, 20, or 40.
    [PHOTO Gallery going to the 2nd floor]At least 60-70% of the frames displayed at this restaurant has a story behind and they expect you to ask about these intriguing and amusing art pieces.
    [PHOTO Lounging at the Wine Room]Interspersed with the memorabilia are numerous artworks that dot the walls. These were all painted by local artists, who have done fantastic and exquisite work. And speaking of locals, Buca di Beppo® hopes to fill its Celebrity Board with famous Filipinos as they come and visit the restaurant.
    [PHOTO Me and Buca Di Beppo's Meatball Gallery]

So there you have it! I hope you get convinced by this blog post to try dining at Buca Di Beppo as soon as possible. From my personal experience, this place is indeed both a culinary and a visual feast. Every penny you spent here is really worth it. Don’t forget to bring your loved ones with you. Have you tried dining here already? I’d love to know your experience below!

Buca di Beppo® is located at the Ground Floor, BGC Corporate Center, 11th Avenue corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Like them on Facebook: Buca di Beppo Philippines and follow them on Instagram: @bucadibeppoph

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