Crustasia Seafood Market is Back! + Review

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BER months has already started and here in the Philippines, it also means that the longest Christmas celebration has started. This season is the perfect time to have that much-awaited family reunions and different gathering over sumptuous food. I know some of you has started doing research where you can dine with family and friends this coming holiday season. If you’re considering seafood to be served, I’ve recently got a taste of all-Asian seafood cuisine at Crustasia Seafood Market.

Crustasia Ambiance and Interiors

The name Crustasia came from the combined words crustacean + Asia. So I guess, you now have an idea on the look and feel of this restaurant. Obviously, the whole interior will give you so much Asian feel with elements from different countries around Asia.

Main counter of Crustasia Seafood Market Restaurant

Each corner will give you unique Asian feel – there’s Thai, Japanese, Filipino, etc. combined to make you feel like you’ve really transported to these countries. No passport needed! Cool concept, I must say *wink*

The Bali Corner

Example is this corner where a giant elephant is painted on the wall. Any wild guess? Yeah, I know you know it. And did I forgot to mention that these walls are hand-painted. Not a wallpaper, sorry! 

Crustasia Seafood Selection

Now, to the main highlight of this experience. Let’s talk about the food, everyone. They serve seafood mainly but Crustasia is not limited with seafood dishes. They also have meat and vegetables to satisfy your taste buds in case you’d like to have that full gastronomic experience in one place.

[PHOTO] Mixed Seafood Tom Yum
Mixed Seafood Tom Yum

First, let’s talk about this creamy Mixed Seafood Tom Yum. Usually, a Tom Yum (Thai) is cooked with just shrimp. But at Crustasia, they chose to have mixed seafood for a different experience. And for me, it’s a really good choice because it gives me different seafood meat options. It’s just a bit salty for me and I assume it’s because of the natural saltiness of the fresh seafood  which adds up to the flavor. However, my fellow blogger friends who were there with me said that the saltiness is fine with them. So I guess it really depends on your taste.

[PHOTO] Crispy Catfish Salad
Crispy Catfish Salad

This one doesn’t tastes like catfish at all. It’s crispy and with hint of freshly squeezed lemon and bite-sized chunks of pomelo (a combination of something you won’t imagine). Surprisingly, it is delicious for me and really a good appetizer.

[PHOTO] Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay with Peanut Butter Sauce

Oh gosh! This chicken satay is a personal favorite when it comes to non-seafood dishes at Crustasia. Too delicious on its own that I forgot to dip it on the peanut butter sauce. I can eat it with lots of rice too! *Oops*

[PHOTO] Steamed Grouper in Superior Soy Sauce
Steamed Grouper in Superior Soy Sauce

The Steamed Grouper is another dish perfect to eat with rice. The fish meat is well-steamed and that makes that melt-in-your-mouth experience. I’m not sure if you’ll like it but I love how the spring onions compliments the taste of this dish.

[PHOTO] Chicken Pandan
Chicken Pandan

Onto the next is this Chicken Pandan, one of the best specialty chicken dishes in Thailand. I’ve tried few same dish from other restaurants and this one is just something in between. Perhaps I’m expecting the taste to be there not only on the first layer of the meat but also until inside or every slice of it.

[PHOTO] Roasted Garlic Crab
Roasted Garlic Crab

The king of ’em all! This putok batok dish is a must-try from Crustasia. It’s quiet pricey but worth it. This is the first time I tried crab with roasted garlic and noodle and it’s the bomb! It smells really good when it was served and the taste is even better with this combination over rice (carbs on carbs, I know).

[PHOTO] Pad Thai
Pad Thai

I have to be real here. It has the same taste with all the Pad Thai I’ve tried here in Manila. But what makes Crustasia’s different is the amount of serving and ingredients. There’s a lot of vegetable which I really love and the big serving means you can really share it to everyone in the table.

[PHOTO] Claypot Catfish in Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Claypot Catfish in Vietnamese Fish Sauce

I’m not a fan of catfish but this one tastes really good. For me, it’s somehow tastes like the local Filipino dish, paksiw. Also, we all know that clay pot cooking method really makes a difference on the quality of how the food is cooked and it’s evident on this dish.

[PHOTO] Javanese Beef Rendang
Javanese Beef Rendang

This dry curry is another personal favorite. I love how there’s a right amount of sauce for it not to be ‘too dry’. The thick sauce with chunks of carrots and potatoes really works with that soft beef meat that almost melt in your mouth. If I were to compare it with a local Filipino dish, it’s Caldereta but with a Javanese infusion.

[PHOTO] Bagoong Rice
Bagoong Rice

I have tried different Bagoong Rice already and they taste all the same for me. But what make’s Crustasia’s different is the amount of ingredients used. Look at those!

[PHOTO] Ice Kakang
Ice Kakang

The Ice Kakang is one of the desserts that was served to us. It tastes like our very own halo-halo also topped with a scoop of ice cream. Crustasia’s Ice Kakang has a very generous serving so I can say that this can be shared by 2-3pax depending on your appetite.

[PHOTO] Guyabano Tropical
Guyabano Tropical

This is another dessert served and it’s almost the same with Ice Kakang. The only difference is the hint of Guyabano taste which surprisingly tastes with this kind of dessert (it’s either a juice or fresh fruit for me).

[PHOTO] Special Sticky Purple Rice with Fresh Mango Slices
Special Sticky Purple Rice with Fresh Mango Slices

This Special Sticky Purple Rice with Fresh Mango Slices is off the menu. It’s an on-the-spot food invention by Chef Ayson from the wrong rice bought by his staff on the day we dine at the restaurant. 

2nd Floor, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Philippines

0966-4059829 /

Mondays – Fridays / 12:00PM – 12:00AM
Saturdays – Sundays / 10:00AM – 12:00AM

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  • Jayne
    October 12, 2018

    This looks appetizing and though i dont eat fish, i love seafood!!!!

  • Danica Marasigan
    October 12, 2018

    As a seafood lover, I would easily love this restaurant! The other Asian dishes looked interestingly sumptuous too! Hmm might pick the crab with garlic and noodles. *drooling*

  • Monz
    October 12, 2018

    Grabe looks so yummy! I love sa mixed seafood! And the crab! Seafood lover here! I wanna go there na!

    • Mariel Pares
      October 12, 2018

      I know right! Perfect place to have your get-together dinner this coming Christmas holidays.

  • Dring
    October 12, 2018

    I’m drooling with the photos of the food and a seafood lover here! I’ll def add this to my place to eat!

  • Mikhaela javier
    October 12, 2018

    OMG! Everything here looks so delicious! I would love to try the chicken satay too. ♥

  • Karla
    October 15, 2018

    I’ll definitely try the Mixed Seafood Tom Yum! How’s the price range of those dishes?

    • Mariel Pares
      October 15, 2018

      Yasss! Cheapest dish in Crustasia is Php140 and it can go up depending on the dish. The Garlic Crab is worth almost 3k

  • blair villanueva
    October 15, 2018

    It’s lunch time now and I shouldn’t be reading this. Hahaha makes me crave a lot of food. Thanks for your recommendation.

    • Mariel Pares
      October 15, 2018

      Sorry, Blair! Visiting this article again makes me crave for food too! Hahaha Thank you as well

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