FINO’s HIStory: Honoring Its Roots and the Need of the New Filipino

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FINO Leatherware is one of my favorite local brands of all-things-leather. I knew them as a Filipino designer brand who creates quality and stylish bags for women (that is sooo worth your money!). Surprisingly, I didn’t know that they actually began with a line for men.

Back in 1992, they are known as the Business Line which features collection of original envelope folios, leather jotters, agendas and briefcases that brought the company to leather and to what we know today as FINO Leatherware. They’ve been in the industry for 25 years now and being applauded for their soulful collection such as the FINO NOW and the Vinta Collection.

On their previous collection, FINO NOW, they collaborated with remarkable women to celebrate Filipina’s accomplishments, failures, journeys, and destinations. And just last week, FINO launched another meaningful collection: HIStory.

Some pieces from the HIStory collection | PHOTO from Dr. Wine Manila’s FB Page

Happened at Dr. Wine Manila, FINO launches the new collection for men that honors the brand’s roots and embraces the now the needs of the modern Filipino. This time, the brand collaborated with seven (7) iconic Filipinos from different industry. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the men of FINO:

  1. Elbert Cuenca, Restaurateur
    As a seasoned restaurateur, Elbert focuses on bringing the ultimate gastronomic experience to his customers. He now has six restaurants that makes him a really busy person. Despite his tight schedule, he still lives a balanced lifestyle and never forget his love for car racing and biking that keeps him healthy and fit. He also travel with his wife to his favorite destinations as a way to destress and relax.

    Considering this kind of lifestyle where he is always occupied, he come up with a bespoke vintage-race-car-inspired zip-up tote that he thinks men like him will find functional and practical.

    “I designed the bag to have several compartments, so that everything has a place: tech stuff like my laptop, gadgets, chargers, and cables; personal items like my glasses, grooming products, and checkbook; and things for work like folders,” says Elbert.

    The bag co-designed by Elbert has double straps, which have racing stripes, are short enough to hold in your
    hand and long enough to wear on the shoulders. It also has a detachable strap, whose length can be adjusted, so that the bag can be worn as a cross-body or as a bike bag on your back.

  2. Monchet Olives, Chief Designer and Lifestyle Curator – Monchet y Cia | Casa Mercedes
    Monchet belongs to the family that kept the tradition of fan-making in the Philippines for over 60 years now. His love for fans is undeniably strong that made him dream of creating a stylish bag that would let him store a fan.
    Through collaborating with FINO, Monchet come up with a smooth leather fan bag (small clutch). It’s a two-tone, compartmentalized man clutch with a fan pocket on the outside which is also available in his signature colors: red and black. The piece also features a small card case and pen case, smartly conceptualized to be compact and flexible.

    “For the longest time, I’ve been looking for somebody to work with to create a fan bag.”

  3. Robbie Goco, Executive Chef
    CYMA, Green Pastures, and SOUV! — these are several restaurants under Chef Robby Goco’s name. If you’re familiar with these restaurants, you’ll probably agree with me that they offer wide variety of flavors with its reinvented farm-to-fork concept. Thanks to Chef Robby’s very high standards to his restaurants.

    “It’s rugged, not at all formal.”

    With his multifaceted lifestyle, Chef Robby came up with an easy-to-wear, medium-sized backpack-sling, leather nylon FINO bag. Yep! You can use this a sling bag or a backpack.
    It’s a personal favorite of mine from the collection because it has a lot of compartment that could carry all my essentials including my umbrella. I know that this bag is intentionally created for men but the sophisticated yet stylish design would benefit women on-the-go too!

  4. Bryan McClelland, Founder – Bambikes
    Bryan is the man behind the concept of bamboo bike a.k.a Bambikes. Being always on the outdoors and naturally an active guy, Bryan came up with a leather messenger bag.
    Designed for the active gentlemen, the bag was made sure to be durable, flexible and has a lot of compartment to carry items like a water bottle and work essentials such as cellular phone, laptop, and wallet.

    “It’s an amazing feeling you get when you see how something you did, or how time you spent working on a project, has drastically changed someone’s life,” he shares.

    With its ruggedly stylish and functional, durable and versatile sling-and-go design, it’s the perfect bag for those commuting.

  5. Eric Paras, Architect
    Through his impeccable taste, Eric Paras was able to turn Henry Hotel in Pasay as a portal to a sophisticated, fun, and enticing world.
    As a man of form and function, he designed a FINO bag with utilitarian, rectangular, easy-to-match tote containing a detachable clutch where a man can choose to put his essentials. This very light bag made mostly of nylon is perfect for those who always carry folders and other document.
  6. Raul Ona, Advertising Director
    Aside from being one of the top advertising directors, Raul is also an elite motorcycle rider who bikes across the globe.
    His latest amazing adventure? He led the first Filipino motorcycle team to ride up the most dangerous road and highest motorable peak in the world at more than 8,000 feet — the Himalayas.
    Considering his personal style, he co-designed an understated but functional FINO bag that is comfortable to wear. It features multiple compartments with curved leather man sling which also doubles as a backpack. It is small and easy to carry. The front of the bag features zippers on each side as well as scraps for closure, perfect for someone who is constantly on the move.
  7. Carlo Ople, VP of Digital Strategy and Disruptive Business for PLDT
    Riding high in the digital landscape of the Philippines at young age, Carlo has always his attention to details. He always drive towards perfection and that can be seen on the bag he designed with FINO.

    “I wanted a bag that would serve the needs of the modern-day executive. The number of gear that a professional needs has changed over the years. There’s the laptop, power bank, cables, smartphones, tablet, cameras, etc. The bag I envisioned was built to carry those in a purposeful and stylish way.”

    With what he envisioned, Carlo came up with a hybrid leather-canvas messenger bag. It has a removable organizer for perfect to those who always brings gadgets like laptops and tablets. It also has a card and pen holder at the front interior of the bag; and can be used for both formal and casual occasions. Very versatile, right?

So there you have it — the seven (7) iconic Filipino that perfectly represents FINO HIStory collection.  Each intelligently designed pieces are functional and yet creative and aesthetic, fulfilling current and realistic needs and demands of today’s fast, technology driven lifestyle. Through relevant and well thought out designs, each FINO piece is meticulously produced for the established, discerning Filipino.

HIStory, FINO’s line for men is available at select FINO stores.
Like and follow FINO on Facebook and Instagram (@finoleatherware).

For inquiries, you may go to any of the FINO branches below:
Alabang Town Center, Power Plant Mall, Eastwood Mall, SM Mall of Asia, The Podium, Robinson’s Place Manila, Trinoma, Robinson’s Magnolia, Shangri-la Mall and Glorietta 3

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