Reimagine Smart and Comfortable Condo Living with Urban Loft

When condominiums became big in the real estate industry here in the Philippines, real estate developers introduced us to a new way of living and kind of lifestyle. Most of the top developers showcases resort-like amenities and concepts aimed to let you enjoy the luxury life in strategic locations in the metro. But this idea definitely equates to expensive purchases. If I am to think about it, I would ask how the middle income earners will get most out of their money and make their purchase “sulit” for more than a million price tag of a property with limited space. I think that’s where Honeycomb Builders, Inc.(HBI)‘s Space-Smart Urban Lofts concept perfectly fits.

The bi-level units are carefully crafted to maximize space so that one can go about their daily lives with freedom of movement and close each day with utmost relaxation in their personal haven.

Press Release, HBI
HBI Space-Smart Urban Concept

Before talking about this Space-Smart Urban Concept, let me give you a brief introduction about Honeycomb Builders, Inc. (HBI). They are a full service real estate company with the aim to enhance comfort in condominium living with innovative design. Aside from that, they are also an affiliate of the Guevent Investments Development Corporation (GIDC).

So let’s proceed with the Space-Smart Urban Loft concept I was talking about. HBI Builders introduced the new Space-Smart Urban Loft concept which features special unit cuts. This feature enable comfortable modern living for dynamic professionals (like me!) and starting families.

The upper unit is reserved to be the bedrooms. It can be converted to either 1 or 2 bedroom unit with the divider available. Above photo is just 1 of 2 bedrooms which is spacious enough for the 3 of us!
The Urban Lofts Experience

One of the many good things about HBI is that they have showrooms that will let you experience their concept. Meaning, you won’t just see the miniatures and let the agent to do the talking — you can really have a glimpse of how it looks like inside the actual unit you’re interested in. Cool e? I know!

The average total unit area of HBI’s Urban Lofts design is 24 square meters. It may seem small in figures but each of the areas in the unit are well delineated and defined. All unit has living room, separate bedroom on the mezzanine level, bathroom, kitchenette, and half-stairs design.

For reference, I’m 5’5 in height so this is how it looks when seated on the bed.

The one to two-bedroom unit loft also boasts of 3.4-meter floor-to-ceiling height. That makes it possible for homeowners to be more creative in dressing up their unit and personalize it according to their desire. In addition, Urban Lofts come with custom-fitted pieces of furniture upon turnover, such as a sofa, refrigerator and TV, among others.

Redefining loft-living

As we all know, space is always a luxury in real estate. There are smart ways to utilize space and even create news paces without having to spend more. The patented Space-Smart Urban Lofts takes off from the tiny home movement that is popular in Japan for maximizing both function and style in modern day living. Loft-living is often associated with sophisticated city-living, contemporary design concepts, airiness and spaciousness due to its bi-level feature. Watch below videos to see how HBI were able to introduce space-smart lifestyle with a limited space.

Redefining the concept of loft-style units, the idea is expanded to integrate space-saving and practical features like built-in cabinets, foldable kitchen nook, multi-purpose table, aircon duct system, and a water-recycling sink in the bathroom. While there is a bedroom at the mezzanine level, there is still a dedicated living area where one can entertain guests with privacy. The half-stairs design of the units also utilizes the bare space above the bathroom and kitchenette.

Established in 1976, HBI has delivered close to 3,000 homes in more than 25 locations. The full service real estate company banks on its mother company, Guevent Investments Development Corporation’s over 50 years of business development experience in various industries including real estate,finance, transportation and insurance. HBI has been harnessing its expertise and technical skills in adapting and integrating various housing technologies to help address the need for functional,comfortable and sophisticated home designs today.

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