Hoppler: For Property Seekers and Industry Professionals

Are you a broker or someone who is looking for potential buyer of your property? Or maybe an individual who is looking for a new property to buy for your new beginning? Either of the two, I’d like to introduce you a new commercial listing platform that could help you achieve your goal — Hoppler.

About Hoppler

Unlike other existing listing platforms available online, Hoppler is where you can find quality residential and commercial listings. During the Q&A Portion of Hoppler’s Lunch With Press, Mr. Raymond Gonzales, Hoppler’s President and COO, told us that there’s no repeated listings in their platforms. This is to make sure that they are giving quality listing to everyone.

Aside from that, Hoppler have in-house brokers and a network of Partner Brokers who understand how the industry works. To give customers quality service, they are equipped with the right attitude, knowledge, skills, and results-driven mindset to make sure that they do their job efficiently and successfully.

[PHOTO] Trufa Pasta Bar
Trufa Pasta Bar located at 109 Esteban, Legazpi Village, Makati
Hoppler’s Partner Broker Program

By joining Hoppler’s Partner Broker Program, members receive exclusive access to Kumita, Hoppler’s own customer relationship management (CRM) tool, where brokers may track every phase of their sales process and efficiently manage their clients, either through mobile or on their desktop. Partners benefit from listing an unlimited number of properties and their own listings will be advertised across Hoppler’s network. Below is an overview of Kumita and how does it work:

With their mission to give quality service to everyone, Hoppler updates their listings regularly to ensure that the details of each property remain accurate especially its availability. Of course, there should be no duplicates on the site so there will be no double inquiries.

[PHOTO] Alvier Marqueses
Alvier Marqueses, Hoppler Marketing Manager
By opening its doors to brokers to join a network of esteemed and results-driven brokers, Hoppler breaks tradition by prioritizing the value of cooperation. They pave the way for two or more partners to co-broker by connecting one broker’s lead that matches another‘s listings. By being in the same network, they work with one another to get clients and listings.

[PHOTO] Raymond Atencio
Raymond Atencio, Partner Broker
The Partner Broker Program provides the community not only with unlimited access to the website’s features but also priority invites to trainings and seminars with talks by other partner brokers to inspire and motivate their work. Networking events are also held to give partner brokers an opportunity to expand and strengthen their networks.

Hoppler invites brokers to join the Partner Broker Program to realize and experience the growth that being surrounded by other professionals of the same industry will do for both the broker and his business. Visit their website now!

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