Kwentong Dagat: First Vegan Beach Front Resort in Zambales

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Ready for a new destination up North? Read on and find out more about this newest, pet-friendly, and the first vegan beach front resort in Zambales.

Summer season is about to end in few weeks here in the Philippines. And before the rainy season officially start, The Flawsome Lady went up north for a new travel experience. This time, we’re able to discover a new beach front resort in Zambales that made us closer to nature and lived a cruelty-free life for 3 days and 2 nights — the vegan-friendly resort called Kwentong Dagat.

About Kwentong Dagat

Kwentong Dagat is one of the newest beach front resort in San Felipe, Zambales. Located inside a small fishing village called Liwliwa, their location used to be a secret spot for surfers looking to enjoy the waves without the extra crowd. Kwentong Dagat is the first vegan-friendly resort in the province owned by a group of friends who are also vegan. Yes, you read it right! They’re vegan-friendly, fam!!!

Kwentong Dagat Signage

It was already 4 in the morning when we arrived at Kwentong Dagat and it was raining lightly. The caretakers, Kuya Reymar ans Kuya Ian were already in deep sleep when we knocked on the reception’s door to finally check-in. Although it’s not the best time for us to arrive, Kuya Reymar still managed to give us a warm welcome. He immediately checked our cabin and handed us our key.

Afterwards, we let him know that there’s no need for him to help us with our stuff and asked him to go back to sleep so he can rest. We get to settle inside our cabin (Cabin 1) and I must say that they look better in person (I actually find it cute!). The exterior design of the cabins is a combination of traditional Filipino style and modern rustic beach house surrounded by tall agoho trees.

…one of the loveliest places I discovered in Zambales. I had a relaxing stay where I get closer to nature and awesome people who loves the environment more than I do.

Inside the cabin are 2 double-sized beds and a mezzanine floor. Each bed and the mezzanine can accommodate 2 people each, making the whole cabin fit for up to 6 people. Pillows are so soft and I love how those soft blankets made us warm during the cold weather (plus the air conditioning).

They say sometimes, it’s the small details that makes big things beautiful. And in our cabin, I appreciate having plants inside and these all-natural handmade soaps ready for our use. There are also outlets available inside which fits Type A and Type C plugs for your electronic charging needs.

For the budget travelers, you have the option to pitch your own tent at Php250/pax per night. They have designated areas where you can pitch your tents. I do not recommend you pitching your tents near the beach area as it really gets hot during the day.

Kwentong Dagat Beach Sign

If you have noticed, there’s no toilet and bath available inside the cabin. It’s because they have a shared toilet and bath for the guests. Nothing to worry about it because it’s always clean! Perhaps not OK if you’re someone who always need to take bathroom break but perfectly fine if not.

TIP #1: Don’t forget to bring a supply of drinking water with you for your stay. Water from the faucet is quite salty so you’ll need it when you brush your teeth (if you’re maarte) and when you cook. Also, bring your own towels and toiletries!

Food and Meal Preparation

Kwentong Dagat specialises in vegan dishes. But if you’re not vegan and skip the dishes with animal produce, you actually ahve the option to cook your food at their common kitchen. You can borrow kitchen tools and utensils from Kuya Reymar and Kuya Ian.

I recommend you try their vegan dishes! Just let them know upon booking that you’d be ordering your meal from them. I know for sure that Alex would be happy to cook for you and share stories!

TIP #2: San Felipe Public Market is nearby and just a tricycle away. You can go there early in the morning and buy all your needed fresh ingredients to cook for your stay.

Photo: Some of the kitchen tools and amenities available

TIP #3: There’s a refrigerator available so don’t hesitate to buy everything until dinner. Ice is also available for sale in Kwentong Dagat, just let the caretakers know that you will get one so they can reserve it for you.

There’s free breakfast served in a specific spot in Kwentong Dagat. They usually serve sandwiches but DIY of course. It’s also the perfect time for you to make friends with other guests while drinking a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

Things to Do

Since Kwentong Dagat is a beach front property, guests can enjoy the beach freely! You can play volleyball anytime, try surfing (this town is known for it!), set up a bonfire at night and connect with your family and friends or simply lounge at the beach for that much needed relaxation.

You can actually work here as well. Just bring with you your trusty pocket wifi to get stable data connection and voila! You’re still connected to the cyber world. Hello digital nomads!

TIP #4: Signal reception is better on the beach front area. If you do not have a pocket wifi with you for internet connection, walk your way to the beach!

Beach area within Kwentong Dagat Property

Kwentong Dagat also offers scheduled life-enhancing retreats and workshops by dedicated experts who are gifted with extensive experience and knowledge. Their workshops include meditation, crafts, spiritual development, plant-based cooking classes, surf programs and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact them about it for guaranteed relaxation, re-connection, and revival of that lost positive energy within you.

Of course, who will forget to buy pasalubong? Not me. On our last day of our stay, we bought a special espasol made by the locals. It’s 3 for a hundred pesos with 4 espasol wrapped inside. The selling point? They use coconut powder as a sweetener plus, helping the locals. Definitely a win-win for me! 🙂

Kwentong Dagat Hut Square Photo

During your stay, please practice proper waste segregation and smoke at the designated smoking area only. Kwentong Dagat is doing their best to raise awareness on how we should be taking good care of the environment. Their vision is to help connect all beings to themselves, to each other and to mother nature. Kwentong Dagat promotes a life that respects our planet and all its inhabitants.

Overall, I can say that this is one of the loveliest places I discovered in Zambales. I had a relaxing stay where I got closer to nature and awesome people who love the environment more than I do. Kwentong Dagat is just a month old as of writing and there’s still so many things coming to this place. I’m excited to be back soon with both my vegan and meat-lover friends (because everyone is welcome here!) and enjoy more of what they can offer.

Booking Your Stay

For real-time checking of room availability, please check them out here.  You may also contact them via their Facebook Page or call them at +63 917 317 6295 and look for Daryl.

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