Restore Your Faith in Love with the Return of #KwentongJollibee Valentine’s Series

Remember when Jollibee took Valentine’s Day by storm last year? They gave us three episodes — Homecoming, Signs, and Status — which made us all kilig and inspired to believe in the power of love. The series pooled in 167 million in reach on Facebook and hit over 63 million views on both Facebook and YouTube! And not only that, Jollibee became the only Philippine brand to make it as a finalist at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards in 2018, in the Creative Marketing Effectiveness category. Awesome, right?

Following last year’s success, Jollibee is back with a new set of heartwarming #KwentongJollibee episodes that will definitely remind us to keep our faith in love. This year’s stories shows how love always prevails in spite of heartbreaks, rejections, and challenges that come along.

#KwentongJollibee Valentine’s Day 2019

Last week, I was lucky to be part of Jollibee’s exclusive media screening at the Bonifacio High Street Central Square Cinema in Bonifacio Global City. Through this, I was able to have a first glimpse of the much-anticipated Valentine’s series which have always been inspired by true stories.

We’re very excited to be back again this Valentine’s Day with new Kwentong Jollibee episodes. Our stories have always been inspired by true events and I think it’s most evident with this series. The reality is that love is not always easy, but what matters most is having faith in love no matter how tough things may get and this lesson is what I hope people will take home after watching.

Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and PH Marketing Head

During the Jollibee event, the cast and directors shared their fun experiences while shooting their own hugot thoughts on the true-to-life love stories. They also shared how they embodied the characters so they could give the right emotions to the stories.

The Episodes

As usual, Jollibee Studios will release three (3) heartwarming episodes. As of writing, I know for sure that you’ve already watched the first story
— Choice.

#KwentongJollibeeVDay2019 Story #1: “Choice” directed by Ianco dela Cruz

Choice revolves around the story of a young woman named Ann who is torn between two men in her life: her long-time best friend Paul, and a co-worker who inspire her to discover a different side of herself, Jay. This episode concludes with Ann making a defining choice, looking to the past with gratitude and embracing the hope for love.

#KwentongJollibeeVDay2019 Story #2: “Proposal” directed by Joel Ruiz

And just this afternoon, Proposal was released! This story is another tale of love lost and found again (awww). Hans, a young man ready to spend forever with the love of his life unexpectedly had his fairytale shattered in an unexpected turn of events. This is all about starting over and choosing to love once again.

The last but not the least (and still you should watch out for!) is the Anniversary directed by Pepe Diokno. This episode is a battle fought for love. I know there are many who can relate to Jason’s story here. As we all know, the scenario where we’re in a relationship while trying to have a successful career is quite a challenge. That’s what Jason faced which troubled his long-term relationship with Claire (he starts to take Claire for granted!!!). Should Jason and Claire fight for their love? Or are they meant to go their separate ways? Abangan!

Watch the three #KwentongJollibee shorts on Jollibee Studios or on Jollibee’s Facebook page.

#KwentongJollibeeVDay2019 Story #3: “Anniversary” directed by Pepe Diokno

UPDATE: Kwentong Jollibee Story, “Anniversary” has been released! Watch the full story above. How did you feel about it?

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  1. Jollibee is one of the brilliant Filipino brand, and I would like to commend their creative team for keeping this brand relatable and relevant to all market segments.
    It’s time for a Jollibee Museum!

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