Lakad Pamana: School Outreach at Basuit Elementary School

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It was a rainy Saturday morning when I and other bloggers assembled in one of the most popular meet-up places of travelers in the north of the Metro. With us are boxes of school supplies we have collected from different donors who wanted to help kids with their educational supplies. It was quite challenging to keep them dry under a gloomy and rainy weather but we made it.

The School Outreach
The entrance to Basuit Elementary School, South San Ildefonso

Around 10 in the morning when we arrived at the school. We were welcomed by excited kids lining up at the school’s Covered Court. Some were accompanied by their parents but most of them are present on their own. Good thing that teachers from different grade levels and even the School Principal were there to guide the students.

Bags and school supplies that we have for the outreach.

We were offered to have a light breakfast before we start on the program but I and my fellow bloggers chose to prepare everything first (since we’re there for the kids naman talaga). With the long table provided for us, we setup and spread all the supplies that we have for them.

Shy kinder students as they received their own school supplies and a cute umbrella for each

After we finished setting up, we informed the organizers that we can finally start the program. As usual there’s a lot of opening remarks happened before these students finally received their much awaited school supplies. But after all those “speeches”, they were finally asked to fall in line and go up to the stage. That was the signal that they could finally get hands on the school supplies and other treats!

The Promise and Other Community Challenges
Selected Kinder, Grade1, and Grade 2 students of Basuit Elementary School

They promised to study well for these school year moving forward and that’s something great to hear for the day. I was able to chat with some of the students and guardians and they shared how thankful they are with what we were able to give as they are not only financially challenged but same when it comes to transportation. There are very few tricycles and average of 2 jeepneys available everyday. And they say it’s even worse during rainy season as most of the time, they have to walk going to school.

The Lakad Pamana Experience
Found this lovely mural in the campus

Despite the gloomy weather, my whole Lakad Pamana experience was a good one. After our outreach at Basuit Elementary School, we spent the rest of the weekend visiting farms and getting exposed with agricultural activities. Most of it are with mushrooms, fam! Stay tuned for my next blog post about that cool experience.

Oh! And by the way, the Lakad Pamana Outreach Program will still continue on reaching out to other schools and communities. If you’d like to donate, whether in cash or in kind, don’t hesitate to message me so I can coordinate.

Have you ever tried participating in an community/school outreach? Share your experience below!

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  • Ryan Elnar
    June 29, 2018

    Nice! It’s great programs such as these are being organized to really help those that value education the most.

    • Mariel Pares
      June 29, 2018

      Thanks, Ryan! I agree. It’s a joy in our hearts to see the kids so happy with their new school supplies. You might want to take part on our future outreach activities, just let me know 🙂

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Lakad Pamana: School Outreach at Basuit Elementary School