My First Lakmé Hair at Elevation Salon + Review

One random day at work, I received a message from a friend (which happened to be a senior alumna from college) asking if I’d be available the next morning to have my hair treated for a balayage from Lakmé. I was hesitant at first. Of course, because I have office work on weekdays and I’m not sure if I can make it on time going back to the office. But obviously, out of curiosity about the brand, I agreed and confirmed my attendance (oh weakness!).

Elevation Salon

Came next morning, I arrived at the salon around 10:30 in the morning. I was welcomed by warm greetings from Elevation Salon’s receptionists and Ms. Sheng from Lakmé Philippines.

Elevation Salon’s Reception Desk

I’ll be honest with you — I am not familiar with Elevation Salon. Perhaps because I’m living in the northern side of the metro and Makati is always the last place I want for a morning visit in the city because of the terrible traffic situation. But then I found out that it’s also a hidden salon in the heart of Makati which another possible reason why I’m not familiar with it. It is a high-end salon located in Pasong Tamo. If you value privacy and luxury experience at the same time, this salon is perfect for you.

Customers’ Lounge at Elevation Salon

Unlike most of the salon out there, you can’t expect a girly interiors from Elevation. I love how it gives me that bold industrial feel and that “Tell us what you want, and we’ll get the work done as how you want it!” message. Talk about branding, eh?

Another thing I love about the salon is, it’s very spacious and neat. There is so much space that will not give you that feeling of being suffocated when it’s full house. And for this amount of space, I think there’s no chance for the stylists to bump to each other when making wonders to your hair. Haha!

Ms. Geneva Garcia being very hands-on

Everything is in order including the washing area.  Although it’s not divided into separate washing rooms, there’s no feeling of awkwardness between clients since there is enough space to distance from others.

My First Lakmé Hair

Okay, so let’s go now to the real purpose why I paid a visit at this cool salon. Everyone, I’m having my first Lakmé hair! *woohoo!* Yes, Lakmé hair color is already here in the Philippines — a brand created by stylists for stylists.

This is my hair before the treatment

Above is the photo of my hair before we started the procedure. I have a short, colored, frizzy, and dull hair from several beach trips and sun exposure. Also, you can see that I already have what they call virgin hair  which means the part of my hair that has not been chemically treated or forcefully styled.

Before we started putting chemicals on my hair, a brief introduction about balayage technique and Lakmé was done. Coloring my hair was never that educating until this time *giggles*. Afterwards, the action begins. My hair was bleached using the balayage technique (thanks to Ate Daisy and Kuya JR!). The whole process of this hair makeover is basically the same with others. The only difference is that they used Lakmé hair products from the beginning to end. And that really made a huge difference!

What Makes Lakmé Different?

*tadaaa* look at my shiny, vibrant and very healthy-looking hair! Did you know that they didn’t put any gloss on that? Unlike the popular brands of hair color out there, you can achieve naturally shiny and healthy-looking hair with Lakmé. I love that they put i.Plex by Lakmé on my hair which strengthens the bond of hair fiber from the inside. This mean less damage to my hair since this actually treats and restores. It’s like the Olaplex treatment that I had from another salon but way better.

My first #LakmeHair <3

As I get a chance to speak with Sr. Stylists Thomas Ellsworth, I asked what made them decided to switch to Lakmé products despite the huge recognition of the clients to the popular brands in the Philippine market. As a Stylist, it is the flexibility and quality of Lakmé that made them decided to switch. Lakmé has a wide range of products that gives them the opportunity to grant their clients wishes to achieve their dream hair color and give them the right hair care treatment they deserve.

Other Lakmé Products

I was advised that for me to enjoy my newly colored hair for longer time, I  should treat it with the right products. And that means, Lakmé hair products too! Ms. Tiara recommends me to use the Lakmé Gentle Balance Shampoo and Lakmé Color Stay Conditioner. I haven’t tried using any after coloring my hair, but I’ll try my best to get my hands on it and share you a review.

My #LakméHair on a Test

They say Lakmé is better than the popular hair color brands. So, I put it on a test to know why and how. It’s a no brainer that when you have your hair bleached, it causes a different level of damage to it. From my past experiences, I always end up with ultra frizzy hair after my first wash. Additional damages happens when I style it with heat plus after every swimming session on the beach and on the pool. This time, I did the same thing.

  • For my first wash, I used the same shampoo and conditioner I normally use.
    Findings: Hair is still soft and color is still vibrant #LakmeLove
  • I had an event a week after so I had my hair styled using a blower and flat hair iron. After the event, I had to take a shower and I’m expecting my hair to be coarse as per my usual experience. 
    Findings: Hair is still soft and color is still vibrant  #shookt #LakmeLove
  • I was so lazy to go to the gym so I decided to take a deep in the pool. We all know how damaging the chlorine and sun exposure when it comes to newly bleached hair. But my oh my!  
    Findings: Hair is still soft and color is still vibrant  #shookt #LakmeLove

From all these test scenarios (the IT in me attacks!), I was expecting myself to get that buhaghag hair after but I didn’t!!! As of writing, I haven’t had any hair care treatment yet but still satisfied with how soft and vibrant the hair color is. You can check my Instagram account to see status of my hair from latest adventures. I’m not lying!  It may be more expensive than the usual brands, but I think it’s worth it

I just hope more and more salon will have Lakmé brand in their selection of hair colors for their client. I am one happy and very satisfied #LakméGirl right here.

If you’re a salon owner and interested on having Lakmé in your pool of hair color brands to offer, you may contact Lakmé office through below information:

Lakmé Philippines
Office Address: 1932 Pedro Gil St. Sta Ana, Manila
Landline: (02) 244 0803

For Lakmé products, you can visit their physical store (and get advises too on what’s the best product for your type of hair):

Salon Store Philippines
Address: 25A 3rd Floor LZF Bldg Timog Ave. Brgy South Triangle QC
Landline:  (02) 372 3681

If you wish to have your Lakmé hair done at Elevation Salon, you may visit them at 2295, Building 3, Jannov Plaza, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, 1231 Metro Manila or make an appointment by calling them.
Landline: (02) 830 3030

Have you tried Lakmé hair color? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Lakmé Philippines and Elevation Salon teamed up
to allow The Flawsome Lady to experience the difference with Lakmé. Regardless, all
opinions expressed are 100% honest based from my experience, without bias.

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  1. Cool! The salon looks chic and private for customers wanting to get treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. Good thing it turned out well on you! Is the smooth texture retained until now? Others looked good at the onset only, hihi.

    1. With the right shampoo & conditioner, the smooth texture is still there. It’s still soft too! tho it’s not as shiny as before since I took a dip in the pool (and that’s understandable, I guess? )

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