Mesa 30th: Your Go-To Modern Filipino Restaurant

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August is a very special month of the year for me because…it’s my birthday month! Luckily, a day before my big day, I was invited to try Mesa 30th’s branch at the new Ayala Malls The 30th in Pasig.

Fun Fact: This particular branch is called Mesa 30th as this is their 30th branch located at the Ayala Malls The 30th and opened last January 30th of this year.

To tell you honestly, I haven’t tried eating at any Mesa branch. This is because my parents, uncles, and aunties are very good in cooking Filipino dishes, that’s why eating at a Filipino restaurant is not always a priority when dining out.

Now, given the chance to try and know more about Mesa 30th branch and its menu, I’m excited to share you my experience here.

Mesa 30th’s Interior

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed by it’s warm, classy, and modern interiors still with touches of Filipino elements. I like how homey it feels when inside.

It has a very homey feel incorporated with this modern stylish Filipino interiors. I guess this is perfect for your balikbayan friends and relatives or even foreign friends…

…or even your special someone, maybe? Either of those mentioned, one of the great things I like about is the fact that they have function rooms for intimate group dinner or corporate meetings.

These 2 function rooms that can be combined to have a bigger space by opening the curtain divider. Rental fee ranges from Php5,000 to Php8,000 per room which is consumable by ordering foods from Mesa 30th.

The use of the projector and LCD is free of charge! Isn’t it a good deal, right?

Mesa 30th’s Best-seller Dishes

So here’s the best part now – food tasting! Take note friends: these are must-try!

TINAPA ROLL WRAPPED IN LETTUCE, Php165 per plate (6 rolls)

It’s the first time I’ve tried something like this – tinapa meat rolled into lumpia wrapper then wrapped in lettuce! It tastes so good and I recommend you try this as an appetizer.

SISIG IN A POUCH, Php205 per serving (8 pouches)

I never thought there’s a cooler way to serve sisig! I thought it’s the same sizzling sisig that I love to eat but nope. It’s also wrapped in lumpia wrapper, deep fried until golden. I was surprised that the sisig inside were tender, tastes like sizzling sisig and not crispy as the wrapper. Don’t forget the sauce for better tasting experience.

BINAGOONGAN RICE, Php175 per serving

They say, you’re not a real Filipino if rice is not part of your meals. This binagoongan rice is topped with fresh sliced green mangoes, red tomatoes, and onions. The flavor fusion of the shrimp paste and the fruits is heaven.

BONELESS PATATIM, Php545 per serving

It’s the classic patatim taste with tender meat! Partner it with white plain rice and enjoy this classic dish.


FYI, I’m still wearing my braces BUT crispy pata is life. Haha! This really tastes good (with a generous amount of fried garlic) and truly crispy. Sooo crispy it made one of my brackets removed and that required me to go to the dentist the next day. LOL

PINATAYONG MANOK, Php480 per serving

This is the first time I tried tasting a Pinatayong Manok and I’m quite impressed how the chicken was presented. I thought it’s lechon manok just presented that way but actually not – it’s fried! Well, Mesa is quite known for this and you should try it too! I like how it tastes with or without the sauce.

KARE-KARE, Php325 per serving

Mesa’s Kare-Kare is a personal top favorite. You know when food bloggers get together? You cannot eat until everyone’s done on taking the food’s photo. I thought this Kare-Kare will get too grease when cold but I was wrong. And it’s a plus point for me! I don’t like greasy food – this Kare-Kare tastes great less the grease.


Mesa’s Inihaw Sampler is a big plate of grilled seafood and meat. I like how it was grilled – just the right amount plus the yummy sauce! You won’t be needing soy sauce or anything. Just this grilled food and the partnered sauce.

LAING 2 WAYS, Php190 per serving

This is probably the best laing I’ve ever tasted!!! The typical laing I used to eat when I’m at my father’s hometown tastes quite blant for me. I don’t really like it at all. I thought I would never like eating laing anymore but, Mesa changed it. This laing has 2 variants – with coconut milk and without coconut milk. I love the one with coconut milk that made the food’s texture creamy. This is one of my Top 3 dishes for that night.

Mesa 30th's Crispy Boneless Tilapia

This is another dish that I’m not really into. Nobody at home loves to eat Tilapia in any way it’s cooked. But that didn’t stopped me on trying this goodie. True to its name, it’s really crispy! Plus, there are 4 sauces (honey shrimp paste, native sauce, spicy vinegar, and sweet chili) you can choose from that will give you different kind of goodness to your tastebuds.

Mesa 30th's Suahe On The Rocks

Okay, this one’s so cool guys. These are fresh live shrimps to be cooked right in front of you. How? The pot is filled with a little hot water and very hot round rocks they’ll put the shrimps inside for about 15 seconds then tadaaa!!! Freshly cooked Suahe On The Rocks ready to eat!

So that’s it friends – my #Mesa30th experience was really awesome. With so much authentic Filipino foods being served here with a modern twist, it’s definitely worth every penny. The amount per serving is adequate to share it with your friends and family; the ambiance is very homey and the interior is really nice = modernly Filipino. I’d love to come back here and try their dessert next! Have you ever tried eating at Mesa 30th? What’s your favorite?


Mesa Filipino Moderne at Ayala Malls The 30th
30 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City
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For bookings/reservation, please call +63 (02) 955 1736 or +63 995 230 3061

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Mesa 30th: Your Go-To Modern Filipino Restaurant