Nail it! Salon Opens in Fisher Mall Malabon

On June 1st, we were lucky to witness Fisher Mall Malabon opened its doors to the newest addition to their family, the Nail it! Salon. It was still on its soft opening but everything was executed well during our pamper session. Have you tried visiting a Nail it! Salon? If not, let me share you my experience.

The Ambiance

To be honest, it’s my first time to visit a Nail it! Salon branch and I love how clean and fragrant the salon is. The white interiors with accent of purple gives me that impression of getting a luxurious treatment once I proceed.

The cozy chairs also invites me to sit right away! You can actually see these head-turners from the outside through the glass wall that will surely convince you to have your pamper session. Upon entering, you will see a wall of wide range nail polish brands you can choose from. Of course, our favorite Zoya and Orly nail polish are included in this Nail it! Salon branch’s collection.

I also discovered a new nail polish brand from their collection that made me go “wow!”. Keep on reading to find out more about it and why I find it so cool that I chose it over the other common brand.


Since I still have my nail extensions (hand) that day, I opted to get a foot spa treatment and pedicure instead. The foot spa treatment has the usual process. But what makes it different from others is the products they use on your skin. They have their own formulated scrub and creams which smells great and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Another reason why I think you should consider having your nails done at Nail it! Salon is the fact that they sterilize all their tools and pack it into sets. You have to confirm it by signing on the pack. Talk about measures to ensure cleanliness, eh? Definitely a big plus point for me!

So, here’s what I’m talking about earlier, the Ruby Wing nail polish! Its a color-changing nail polish with SolarActive Technology. It’s heat sensitive so you get two colors in one! Below is the specific nail color that I chose for my toe nails and I loved it!

Overall Experience

I definitely had a good time relaxing at Nail it! Salon – Fisher Mall Malabon branch. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable of everything I asked about the brand and the products they use to us, clients. They even gave me tips on how to show some TLC for my toes which I always keep in mind. That’s so kind of them 💜

@shaynevalerianaa and me after our much-needed pamper time!

Thank you so much, Nail it! Salon – Fisher Mall Malabon for having me (and Shayne). We really had fun and loved our new nail colors! Oh, and by the way, they also host bridal showers and other girly parties. For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach them through their Facebook and Instagram account. Message them now!

Nail it! Salon
4/F Fisher Mall Malabon
Facebook Page: @NailitPH

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