Nike Hyper Court: The Basketball Court of the Future

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There’s no doubt that basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines. For some, it’s already a way of life. You can see it with the number of basketball courts you can find not only here in Manila, but all over the country. If you’re a baller, for sure there’s a point in your life that you’ve wanted to be like your favorite NBA superstar copying their signature moves by watching them repeatedly online or getting a formal training through basketball clinics. But what about those who wanted to level up their game but is not capable of enrolling to these clinics and has limited access from high speed data connectivity at the same time? That’s what Nike Hyper Court was made for.

[IMAGE Bulbul Khera]
Bulbul Khera, Nike India and SEA Marketing Director
Nike Hyper Court is the first ever on-court digital experience powered by Google. It lets you access exclusive HD basketball content such as training drills, elevated member activities, and the best of Nike global content without the need for data. This is a joint initiative between both brands for the first time to inspire ballers across the city to take their game to the next level. It’s an original project developed for the Philippines and the first time the technology has been used anywhere in the world.

“The passion for basketball in Manila is unlike any other city in Asia. We want to inspire young ballers to realize their full potential through the physical and digital aspects of their sport. Nike Hyper Court enables these ballers to train anytime without worrying about access to training drills and data costs,” said Nike Southeast Asia & India Senior Marketing Director, Bulbul Khera.

[IMAGE Kenneth Lingan]
Kenneth Lingan, Google PH Country Head

“Nike Hyper Court, powered by Google, presents a great example of how businesses can partner with the community to customize technology and provide an original, digital solution aimed at empowering Filipino basketball players and youth across the capital. We are excited to see Nike Hyper Court use Google’s technology to change the game. This technology allows for endless possibilities on and off the court,” mentioned Miguel de Andrés-Clavera, Google Creative Technology Lead.

With the help of experienced coaches, the Nike Hyper Court features include drills and skills training programs addressing power, quickness and versatility tailored for different types of players. These are all delivered through a program that learns and makes recommendations from continuous user interaction.

Nike Hyper Courts Design

For the Nike Hyper Courts’ design, Nike commissioned internationally renowned artist, Arturo Torres. Known for his signature superhero themed illustrations of rappers, basketball stars and New York Times bestselling books, each of the Nike Hyper Courts in the five Barangays (districts) are definitely visually stunning. Arturo’s design for each court features an emblematic identity of five basketball superstars: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving.

[IMAGE Bulbul Khera and Artist Arturo Torres]
Bulbul Khera and Artist Arturo Torres

“I want the kids that play on these courts to know that they can be like the superstars I’ve drawn. Sure you have to put in the work, but no one can tell that you can’t do something. With Nike Hyper Court you can go out there and prove them wrong – to anyone that’s ever said no to you,” said Torres.

How Does Nike Hyper Court Work

[IMAGE 5 Nike Courts]

The Nike Hyper Court content is streamed using Google technology. Just go to one (1) of the five (5) initial Nike Hyper Court across Manila and connect your smartphone to the local network via the Nike Hyper Court wifi. You will be prompted to signup after connecting. Ballers will then be able to access exclusive training videos, coaching tips and athlete content. The coolest part: the Nike Hyper Court experience is complemented with physical coaching / training sessions on a periodic basis to enhance the ballers’ learning experiences.

Nike Hyper Courts

This holiday season, Nike will be launching the five initial Nike Hyper Courts. Check which one is near you from the list below:

  1. Titan Love Court, BGC – James Lebron Court
    [IMAGE Titan Love Court]
    The Titan Love Court in BGC a.k.a. James Lebron Court
  2. Ususan Court, Taguig – Kobe Bryant Court
    [IMAGE Nike Ususan Hyper Court]
    Ususan Court in Taguig a.k.a Kobe Bryant Court
  3. Comembo Covered Court, Makati – Kevin Durant Court
    [IMAGE Nike Comembo Hyper Court]
    Comembo Covered Court in Makati a.k.a Kevin Durant
  4. Scarlet Homes Covered Court, Paranaque – Russell Westbrook Court
    [IMAGE Scarlet Homes Covered Court, Paranaque – Russell Westbrook Court]
    Scarlet Homes Covered Court in Paranaque a.k.a Russell Westbrook Court
  5. YCL Covered Court, Quezon City – Kyrie Irving Court
    [IMAGE YCL Covered Court, Quezon City – Kyrie Irving Court]
    YCL Covered Court in Quezon City a.k.a Kyrie Irving Court

Unleash your full potential and level up your game through this game-changing innovation, Nike Hyper Court. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what went down during the Nike Hyper Court launch at Shangri-La at the Fort.

Any question about Nike Hyper Court? Share your thoughts below!

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