Originals Only PH: 7 Underrated OPM Artists You Should Listen To Right Now

I’ve attended Originals Only PH event at The Brewery At The Palace and witnessed a night full of music (and beer). Finally, there’s a community for new breed of OPM artists and you should listen to them right now while they’re not mainstream yet.

About OO

OO is more than an event that celebrates the diversity of OPM (Original Pinoy Music). It is actually a movement that supports all genres of OPM that provides venue and opportunities for artists to showcase their original material. As we all know, mainstream media and establishments seldom celebrate the sub genres of our beautiful music. So here’s where OO comes in. It provides a supportive community for all of its artists and music. It is a passion project whose purpose is to bring back the love for OPM and encourage Filipinos to be proud of the talents that we have here at home and bring out more of our unique sound to show to the world.

The Artists
  1. Mikee Misalucha
    Mikee is a singer-songwriter whose music incorporates the following genres: Indie Pop/ Folk/ Country/ Pop/ Alternative Rock/ Contemporary R&B. Listen to her music here.Don’t forget to like her Facebook page: @mikeemisaluchamusic and follow her on Instagram: @mikeemisalucha
  2. One Click Straight
    One Click Straight is a collective of like-minded artists, molded by a brotherhood fueled by an undying passion for music.  With a sound almost described as a fusion of melodic pop, indie rock, and synth pop, One Click Straight drives listeners through the ups and downs of emotion with their own brand of music.One Click Straight consists of frontman/bassist, Toffer Marquez, guitar/percussionist Joel Cartera, drummer/songwriter Tim Marquez and songwriter-guitarist, Sam Marquez.  The band started with jam sessions until late 2013 when they began to write original material. The band started to release original music and play gigs in 2014. Mid 2016, the band released their debut EP entitled, “Nostalgic” and is now available online.You may listen to their music on Spotify here. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page: @OneClickStraight and follow them on Instagram: @onecliskstraight
  3. St Wolf
    If you’re following me on Instagram and saw my post about St Wolf, you probably know already that this is not the first time I saw them perform live. St Wolf classifies their music as SwabecoreIt’s a combination of a swabe and a heavy sound.It started out as an inside joke as our guitarist made a demo for one of songs and named it Swabecore.  At that time, it was a lightbulb for us — an “O nga no?” moment. You can expect a banger while feeling sexy as you listen to their music.The band is composed of vocals KL Dela Cruz, guitar Vince Lucero, bass Karlo Maglasang, and drums Bob Sadural.You may listen to their music on Spotify here. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram: @stwolfph
  4. Leanne and NaaraOkay, so here’s a personal favorite. Leanne and Naara is a musical duo that is dedicated to make music that would offer a new experience to listeners. They often harmonize and explore other vocal elements within the songs that they perform and write.
    It was last year when I discovered their music and fell in love with this duo. It all started with their song “New York and Back” which I thought was sang by a foreign band (and I was so wrong. yikes!) and from there, I got addicted to the harmony and the melody of their voices.You may listen to their music on Spotify here to know what I’m talking about. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram: @leanneandnaara
  5. Guji Lorenzana
    A singer – songwriter, actor, host and DJ — based in Manila, Philippines, originally from the Bay Area, California, USA. As an actor and host, Guji is actively seen on Philippine television and movies.
    In music, he actively DJ’s in the clubs. And as the lead singer of his own rock band — he gigs at local bars, events, and concert halls. Guji is also known to do various collaborations with a variety of music acts and genres, locally and worldwide. Listen to his music on Spotify here.
  6. Keiko Necesario
    Photo from billboard.ph

    Keiko first noticed from the first Philippine Popular Music Festival. She writes music from the heart and sings everyday. She is influenced by Taylor Swift’s honesty and wit, Daughter’s serenity, Nat King Cole’s vibe, Joan Jett’s rebellion and Barbie Almalbis’ melodies.

    Listen to her music on Spotify here and don’t forget to like her Facebook page @KeikoNecesarioFanPage and follow her on Instagram @keikosoundslike

  7. Dane Hipolito
    Photo from YouTube.com

    Dane might be a familiar face for some of you. You might have already seen him doing covers of hit songs online, performing in different malls, bars, coffee shops, or even at last year’s #ChalkCampusTour series, and serenading his way to people’s hearts as a featured artist on MYX. He has a single entitled “Hiwaga” and already working on an album.

    “I’m hoping [my music] would be something that’d push local music further in the Philippines”

    Listen to her music on Spotify here and don’t forget to like her Facebook page @danehipolitomusic and follow her on Instagram @danielhipolito

So there you have it! I wasn’t able to finish the whole (it was almost!) event but being able to be part of this movement in one night is such a great experience. Knowing that there’s a community now who supports new breed of OPM artists is another assurance that OPM is not dying. Do you have any favorite artist from this list? Share it below!

Interested on becoming part of #OriginalsOnlyPH? Or wanna catch-up with their upcoming events? Whatever it is, like their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram to keep updated.

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    1. Thanks for appreciating Mercy! Indeed Upperhouse at The Brewery At The Palace is really a nice bar to visit and hangout. Their beer is a must-try. Hope you get to listen to their music despite being busy and fab at the same time 😉


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