Dining Beyond the 8 Signature Flavored Xiao Long Bao at Paradise Dynasty

It was a year ago when the first Paradise Dynasty opened here in Manila. As someone who lives in the North, going to the South is quite a challenge. Good thing Paradise Dynasty has finally opened a new branch for the people in the Northern area.

Last December 2017, Paradise Dynasty has finally opened its second branch at The Podium. And since this branch is accessible to where I reside, I got the chance to finally try dining here!

Paradise Dynasty’s Xiao Long Bao

Paradise Dynasty is famous for it’s “World’s First 8 Flavored Xiao Long Bao” and to tell you honestly, it’s my first time to try out Xiao Long Bao.

Pork/Chicken Dumpling a.k.a Original Xiao Long Bao

Since this is my first time, I made sure to try out the original flavored Xiao Long Bao first. Basically, a Xiao Long Bao is a kind of dumpling with a soup inside. The original one is a Pork/Chicken dumpling and tastes really good. I have to gently take the Xiao Long Bao from the baskets because because it is best to eat when it is still hot and didn’t burst.

Signature Dynasty Dumplings 8 Flavors

If you’re feeling adventurous, their 8 flavored Xiao Long bao is definitely a must-try. All the rave about these Xiao Long Bao didn’t disappoint for a first-timer like me. The flavors are as follows (clockwise): Black Truffle Dumpling, Cheesy Chicken Dumpling, Crab Roe Pork Dumpling, Garlic Pork Dumpling, Szechuan Pork Dumpling, Ginseng Chicken Dumpling, Foie Gras Dumpling, and the original Pork/Chicken Dumpling (middle).

Ginseng Chicken Dumpling

Among the flavored Xiao Long Bao, the Ginseng Chicken Dumpling surprised me with its taste. Upon hearing the flavor when it was served on the table, this is my less favorite because of the ginger. I’m not really a fan of ginger but when I got to try this, I like how mild it tastes in the soup and somewhat refreshing in the mouth.

Other Must-try

Paradise Dynasty has a lot of food to offer but most of my favorites are appetizers. And even these are considered as appetizers from the menu, I actually got full already with these selection.

One thing that amazed me with Paradise Dynasty’s dumplings is the texture of their wrap. It’s very smooth that made it a challenging one for me to take it using the plastic chopsticks.

Baby Spinach in Vermicelli

For the greens, I like how it was cooked just right. Like for this Baby Spinach in Vermicelli, it is obvious that only fresh ingredients were used and the color of the vegetables really brings delight to my eyes.

Kung Pao Chicken

If you’re a chicken lover, the Kung Pao Chicken should be on your list to try. I may not be able to eat this with the cashew nuts (as I’m wearing dental braces) but how savory and tender the chicken is enough reason for me to order this again.

Lettuce Roll Wrap with Sesame Sauce

I love lettuce and Paradise Dynasty’s Letuce Roll Wrap is quite unique. I don’t think any local restaurant can copy this because of the quality of the lettuce used for this one. It is tightly wrapped and partnered with a sesame sauce which is surprisingly a perfect combination. But what more surprising for me is how crunchy it is when I took a bite.

Another one you shouldn’t miss is their Charcoal Lava Bun. It is filled with melted salted egg. When I took a bite of this one, I can taste the salted egg but with a combination of sweet delight.

Jellyfish Salad in Chili Vinegar

So I ate jellyfish for the first time. Yes, a jellyfish! I thought these where squids at first glance but the server told me that these are jellyfish. How does it taste? I can say that it tastes like kinilaw because it served in vinegar but there’s a different taste for the chili vinegar used on this one. Don’t worry, these jellyfish are not alive and were freshly cooked.

Food choices in Paradise Dynasty is very wide. From appetizers to desserts, there’s a lot to choose from depending on your appetite and cravings. And the best part is, despite the luxury branding Paradise Dynasty has, it is actually quite affordable. Another reason to keep on coming back.

For your chinese food cravings, visit one of Paradise Dynasty branches in Manila. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page for promos and discounts.

Paradise Dynasty Philippines
S Maison, Conrad Seaside Boulevard Corner Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
2/F The Podium, Mandaluyong City

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