Powfu Lands the Top Spot in the Philippines Music Chart with “death bed (coffee for your head)”

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With the current mandatory home quarantine going on here in the Philippines, all of us has differnt ways of keeping ourselves sane. Perhaps leading the list is listening to music. It is undeniable that we, Filipinos, loves music regardless of the genre. And this is noticeable as we started to embrace lo-fi hip-hop music in general leading us to appreciation of Powfu’s viral hit “death bed (coffee for your head)” featuring UK singer beabadobee. You might be asking who is Powfu and what about his song but I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard of it especially if you love to browse videos on Facebook and TikTok.

The Canadian breakout artist recently held the top spot of the Spotify Philippines Viral 50 for five consecutive weeks before it dropped to its current position of No. 4.

The explosive new track also continues to rack up impressive numbers on Spotify Philippines Top 200 with a No. 5 peak, while also achieving incredible momentum on iTunes Philippines Top 100 Charts, reaching as high as No. 8.

With its relatable and timely lyrics, easygoing vibe, and low-key appeal, “death bed” currently enjoys enormous attention on video-sharing platform TikTok with over 3 million videos to date—thanks to countless of challenges, memes, covers, and renditions from various Filipino artists including a “Chinarot” version that gained more than 8 million YouTube views, and a “Tagalog” version by upcoming Filipino rapper Cesar $emento.

Powfu – death bed (coffee for your head) (Official Video) ft. beabadoobee

About Powfu

Powfu started recording in the basement of his parents’ home and started releasing music on Soundcloud while still in high school. The 21-year-old Canadian artist would steal his dad’s mic (Faber Drive) and ended up purchasing himself a laptop as recording quickly became his favorite hobby.

After finalizing his image and sound, his numbers started rapidly increasing, gaining millions of streams over multiple platforms. He has collaborated with many artists on the rise such as Rxseboy, Guardin, and Snow.

His genre can vary from chill-lo-fi to hype-punk, as he finds inspiration through older punk-rock bands as well as newer hip-hop artists such as G-Eazy and Madeintyo.Powfu’s “death bed (coffee for your head)” is now out on various streaming and digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music.

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1 Comment
  • Hazel Salcedo
    April 12, 2020

    Omggg I’ve been hearing that on my spotify for weeks now and I didn’t even bother checking who the artist or the title is! Until now … when I checked who’s that artist and song you’re referring to! 😀 Ang galeeeng – they deserve the high ranking! 🙂

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Powfu Lands the Top Spot in the Philippines Music Chart with “death bed (coffee for your head)”