Prettiserie Hair and Nail Salon: One of the Prettiest Salons in the Metro

We all know how other people consider our hair as our crowning glory. The way we style or color our hair gives an impression to people around us. It may break or make our image so it is important that we take good care of it. And speaking of good hair care, salon treatment is one of the many options that we have. I’ve probably shared you here number of beauty salons I’ve already visited and tried. But recently, I have discovered one of the prettiest salons in the metro to date. Hidden just few streets away from my trusted drip lounge, I found Prettiserie Hair and Nail Salon waiting to be uncovered.

For the past months, I was able to work with different brands of different industry. That also means attending to different events and product launches of different themes. That actually required me to style my hair from time to time causing it hair damages from heat styling plus long sun exposure during travel collaborations. These are enough reason for me to exert more effort on taking good care of my naturally wavy hair.

Prettiserie’s Interiors

I won’t call this salon “one of the prettiest salon in the metro” for nothing. If you’re a girly girl like me or a sucker for design inspirations, I know you’ll agree that this is really one of the prettiest (and dreamiest). Upon entering the salon, you will welcome by the sweet scent all over and that adds something more to your experience. Good first impression I must say.

Think it’s a wallpaper? Nope! Those walls are meticulously hand-painted by local Filipino artists. During my visit, I found out that this salon is an idea of two couples — interior designer Ivy Almario and her husband Yong Nieva, model and makeup artist April Tanhueco, and makeup artist Carla Fortuna and her husband Alvin Fortuna, an actor and model. This beautiful salon exists obviously to give us beautiful experience in an affordable rate which meets the objectives of the owners.

Menu of Services. Prices may change without notice.

As you can see from the photo above, this salon offers hair and nail services both for adults and kids at a very reasonable price. You can also hold parties here which I’ll be discussing on the next section *wink*.

Bridal Shower Party at Prettiserie

I think it’s an advantage for a salon if they do accommodate different parties especially bridal showers. And for someone like me who do wedding plannings, I can’t help but to ask if this beautiful salon really do. I was happy that Ms. Kath told me that they do hold bridal shower parties and they have VIP rooms for it.

Second floor of Prettiserie Hair and Nail Salon

But what made me happier is how affordable their party packages are. I’ve asked for the complete list of their bridal party packages and here it is! Time to bookmark this article, I guess?

No. of PaxPrice
Total Tiptoe Pampering[*] Premium Manicaress
[*] 7-Step Foot Spa
[*] One serving of Prettiserie drinks and snacks
[*] Exclusive use of VIP rooms
[*] Additional Hand Gel Polish for Php470
[*] Pedicaress for Php240
Grand Tiptoe PamperingSame as above
Same as above7-9Php6,500
Majestic Tiptoe PamperingSame as aboveSame as above10-12Php8,500

For party decorations, you are allowed to bring any materials and party stuff but they are strictly not allowing decorations that has to be taped on the walls. Let’s preserve those hand-painted walls! Also, if you wish to have other foods to be served, you can order at their partner restaurant (which I will visit soon) and it will be delivered by their waiters.

Prettiserie’s Macadamia-Argan Oil Treatment with Head & Back Massage

So, going back to *good hair care treatments* just for the record, I didn’t visited this place just to take a look at the interiors but really have to give my dry and frizzy hair a treat. I availed their Macadamia-Argan Oil Treatment  to give my hair that much-needed moisture and bring back that shine that was lost for a veeery long time.

As usual, the treatment started with shampooing my hair. Before applying the Macadamia-Argan Oil, they made sure that there’s no excess water on my hair.  Macadamia nut and Argan seed oil is said to be the two of the highest sources of essential fatty acids. Cynos‘ ingenious blend helps restore luster, shine, and nourishment in the hair follicles to repair damage and keep hair at its best for 1 to 2 months.

In my case, my hair was soft, shiny and bouncy for just a month. But that’s because I had a scheduled out-of-town trip a month after I had my treated. Perhaps if I just stayed at home, I could’ve achieved the 2 months maximum time for my hair to enjoy the treatment. I think I need to go back and have my hair treated again.

Interested on trying out their services at discounted price? Checkout the button link for their latest deals! For more information, you can also get in touch with them and make an inquiry.

Prettiserie Hair and Nail Salon
82 Scout Limbaga Street cor. Tomas Morato Avenue
Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Landline No.: (02) 875 7917
Mobile No.: (0917) 774 8999
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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Flawsome Lady paid all expenses for her 
treatment. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and based from my experience.

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    1. Hi Chelsea!!! Regular cut is ₱550 for a Sr. Stylist na. I think it’s cheaper if you’ll get a Jr. Stylist. Try mo yung signature hair treatment nila instead of hot oil — it gives you healthier locks for just ₱880 🙂

    1. Sana nga po they open a branch sa South so you can experience it, Ms. Kathy. Not only the place but maganda rin talaga yung treatments nila because of the quality of products they are using ♥️

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