Tech Review: Digging Style in Zilingo App

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This may be a little bit unusual but yes, The Flawsome Lady is doing a tech review. Today, we’ll be using our knowledge on UI/UX design to highlight one of the hottest fashion e-commerce app available in the app stores, Zilingo App. If you’re not familiar about UIU/UX, then let me give you a simple definition. UI stands for User Interface while UX stands for User Experience. The difference is that the UI is more on the pages, screens, and other visual elements while the latter is more on the experience of the user with the interface between positive, negative, and neutral.

In this review, we’ll be dividing it in four (4) categories: branding, readability, consistency, and controls & navigation. I might be a little technical but I’ll try to explain it in simple terms as much as I can.


The first thing a brand should have is its identity. Zilingo App’s logo uses bold and vibrant colors which is neatly placed on the header. I also like the fact that they made it pinned on top so that whenever a user scrolls across the app, the brand’s logo will never be out of sight. It’s a way to let users remember how does their logo look like. Choosing white as the canvas color made Zilingo’s branding pops out so well.


Zilingo App uses the brand’s typography across the app with the right font size. The fonts used has the right size to be readable for most users. Except perhaps if it’s your lolo/lola is the one trying to shop for you? The sans-serif font is a great choice when you’d like to give an impression of casual and affordability at the same time. Notice how other shopping apps with serif fonts gives us the impression of expensive items? That’s the psychology behind it the font types.

Controls & Navigation

One thing that impressed me by Zilingo app are the controls and its navigation. On most shopping apps, the navigation is quite messy. But Zilingo did their homework and organized their menu and categories very well. This actually gave me a very smooth experience on using the app and find what I am looking for. I hope all shopping apps can be this neat and organized.


If there’s one thing that never goes out of my checklist when I was still a UI/UX designer, it’s the consistency. It is important that when you design an interface, everything has to be consistent across the pages. And Zilingo did it! I wasn’t lost at all when browsing on different pages. From branding to controls and navigation, everything was consistent. Zilingo’s team is successful on delivering a beautifully designed app.


Overall, it’s obviously a well-designed app for me. It’s neat and very easy to use. But if there’s one thing that can be improved, it’s the option list for new users where you have to choose your country/region. I wish they update it to center-align options to make it better UI design wise.

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Tech Review: Digging Style in Zilingo App